PRIVATE                                P.O. Box 5056  Laytonsville, MD. 20882

ADDRESS:                            Tel: (301) 977-0335  FAX: (301) 869-5898  email: joelarem@comcast.net


EDUCATION:                        Ph.D.  (1970)  Harvard University (Mineralogy);   M.A. (1967 - Geology)

                                                B.S.    (1964)   Brooklyn College (Geology)

                                                F.G.A. (1976)  Gemmological Association of Great Britain


PROFESSIONAL                 Co-Founder/President - Accredited Gemologists Association (1977-79)

ACTIVITIES:                          Co-Founder/Editorial Board - PreciouStones Newsletter (1978-84)

                                                Consultant - Jewelers' Circular-Keystone (1978-96)

                                                Consultant - Encyclopedia Britannica Educational Corp. (1975-76)

                                Consultant - U.S. Dept. of Commerce (1975-76)

Consultant - Eastman Kodak Co. (1971-75)

                                                Consultant - U.S. Atomic Energy Commission (1973-74)

                                                Consultant - National Geographic Society (1971-80)

                                                Crystallographer, Dept. of Mineral Sciences, Smithsonian Institution,

                                                                Washington, D.C. (1970-73)

                                                Instructor - Smithsonian Docent Program (1970-73)

                                                Founder & Curator - National Synthetics Collection, Smithsonian

                                                                Institution, Washington, D.C. (1971-73)

                                                Research Assistant - Geology Dept., Harvard University (1969-70)

                                                Teaching Fellow - Geology Dept., Harvard University (1966-69)

                                                Director, Geology Program - Brooklyn Children's Museum (1963-64)         


PUBLICATIONS:                  "Rocks and Minerals" (1972, Ridge/Bantam; 1991, Geoscience Press)

                                                "Man-Made Crystals" (1972, Smithsonian Institution Press)

                                                "Gems and Jewelry" (1973, Ridge/Bantam; 1993, Geoscience Press, 2nd ed.)

                                                                2nd Ed.= Best Seller in Category – amazon.com  2002

                                                "Discovering Rocks and Minerals" (1991, Publications International)

                                                "Color Encyclopedia of Gemstones" (1977, Van Nostrand-Reinhold;

2nd ed. 1987, Van Nostrand-Reinhold / Chapman & Hall)

                                                "Crystal Chemistry & Structure of Idocrase: (1970 - PhD Dissertation)

Articles on gems, minerals, crystals, crystal growth in: Saturday Review of Science; Smithsonian Magazine; Science Digest; Mineralogical Record; Mineralogy & Petrology; American Mineralogist; Physician's Investment Digest; The Gemstone Investor; PreciouStones Newsletter; Robb Report; Rock & Gem; Rocks & Minerals; many others.


HONORS                              B.S. awarded with Honors in Geology; Magna Cum Laude

& AWARDS:                          National Honor Societies: Phi Beta Kappa (Liberal Arts); Sigma Xi (Science)

National Science Foundation Scholarships (1966-68) Harvard U. Scholarships

Tully Memorial Medal - Gemmological Association of Great Britain (1976);                First American Recipient; Diploma awarded with Distinction.

Who's Who in U.S. Executives; Who's Who in the East; Who's Who in the Jewelry Industry; Who's Who of Emerging Leaders in America; Who's Who in Society; Men of Achievement; Contemporary Authors.

Winner  - Spectrum Jewelry Design Competition - AGTA (1985)

Rockhound/Lapidary Hall of Fame Inductee: Education, Year 2000               


PROFESSIONAL                 Fellow, Gemmological Association of Great Britain (F.G.A.)

SOCIETIES:                          Fellow, Canadian Gemological Association (F.C.Gm.A.)

                                                Mineralogical Society of America - Life Member

                                                American Association for Crystal Growth (Charter Member)

                                                Mineral Museums Advisory Council (Co-Founder/VP)

                                                Friends of Mineralogy (Co-Founder/VP)


OTHER:                                 Keynote Speaker, First Int’l. Gem Conference, Colombo, Sri Lanka (1982)

                                                Lecturer - International Soc. of Appraisers International Appraisal Conference

                                                Organizer & Chairman - First International Gem Investment Conference (1978)


PUBLIC SERVICE                Director – All Breed Rescue and Referral, Inc. (501-c-3 Nonprofit; Animal Rescue)

                                                Volunteer – MASR (Mid-Atlantic Samoyed Rescue)