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   Danburite      Mexico


Danburite is a rare mineral, originally discovered near (and named after) Danbury, Connecticut, USA. The mineral was later found in various other worldwide localities, generally appearing as yellow, brownish or near-colorless crystals. The world’s finest danburite is recovered from a remote mine in Mexico, where it occurs sporadically as a mining by-product.

All the danburite from this mine is heavily flawed, with nearly-opaque crystals growing outward to form somewhat transparent ends. Sometimes these tips can be large enough to yield cut gemstones up to 5-10 carats or more. But the vast majority of cuttable danburite is small, yielding stones weighing less than half a carat.

Despite limited size and small production, the recovery of danburite from Mexico is well worth the time and trouble because, next to diamond, it is the whitest and brightest of all known gemstones. Moreover, with a hardness of 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, it wears better in jewelry than most other commercial stones, including amethyst, citrine, peridot, tanzanite, opal, zircon, aquamarine, emerald, heliodor, tourmaline, and garnet.

Luminous gems are cut from the rarest crystals of all, the ones that are predominantly transparent rather than mostly opaque. This material is less included and therefore stronger, more durable and less brittle.

 LuminousTM danburite gems are also brighter, whiter and more brilliant than other cut danburites that occasionally appear in the marketplace, because special polishing techniques are used to bring out the best qualities this unique gemstone has to offer.

 LuminousTM danburite is available from TRUGEMSTM in calibrated shapes and sizes ranging from small mellee (0.03 carats) to approximately 5 carats. Many larger stones are also available. Production-level quantities of LuminousTM danburite are available exclusively from TRUGEMSTM   and its affiliates.                  

                       SUGGESTED WHOLESALE PRICES

                              LOTS WEIGHING LESS THAN 50 CARATS

                                  QUANTITY DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE

                SIZE (CTS)   PRICE PER CARAT

                  UNDER   1                  $ 16

                                          1 – 2                         $ 18

                                           2 – 3                        $ 22

                                           3 – 4                        $ 30

                                           4 – 5                        $ 36 

                                           5 – 10                      $ 50

                                              10 +                  QUOTED




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