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Golden SunstoneTM is a unique material. It displays the unusual combination of low refraction and extremely high brilliancy, giving rise to an amazing optical effect called “pseudo-dispersion”. Faceted golden sunstones strongly resemble yellow diamonds. These same properties also have led to the creation of an entirely new and spectacular product line. Extremely sophisticated gemstone cutting techniques have been combined with golden sunstone’s transparency and reflective power. The result is VirtualRealityTM , a new type of gemstone with almost limitless possibilities.

 VirtualRealityTM cutting produces geometric images that seem to “float” within the body of their host gemstones. Meticulous control of angles, proportions and surface polish allow the images to be enhanced, changed, expanded and intensified. These subtle modifications, combined with changes in gemstone shape, yield an endless series of new and different images and effects. 

VirtualRealityTM cutting, applied to the creation of stars, crosses and other well-known symbols, adds a totally new dimension to the potential of golden sunstone gemstones as objects of art and adornment. While it is true that such patterns have been applied to faceted gemstones in the past, the results have been less than exciting. The amazing brilliancy and transparency of golden sunstone now enables the full potential of such imagery to be realized in jewelry. These same properties also have led to the creation of an entirely new generation of gemstone products.

  VirtualRealityTM cuts include UniburstsTM, TwinburstsTM, X-BandsTM, QuadrastarsTM and TristarsTM. Many other new and fascinating shapes and effects are being created on a regular basis. Notable among these unique cuts are VIRTUAL STARSTM and VIRTUAL CROSSESTM , displaying the most cherished symbols of the western world's leading religions. These stones in calibrated sizes will be available to the trade in quantity.


Golden SunstoneTM and VirtualRealityTM cuts are available exclusively from TRUGEMSTM and its authorized distributors. All these names are protected by trademark. Design patent applications are being submitted for all cuts offered under these tradenames.




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