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The evolution of color”TM

                      A unique collection of gemstones –

               all untreated and guaranteed to be of natural origin.

NATURALSELECTIONTM  is a unique line of gemstones, brought     to the marketplace by TruGEms, INC   and guaranteed be  ALL NATURAL, ALL THE TIME.

Most gems are treated in some way to enhance their appearance. Heating a stone can permanently change its color – this process has been used for centuries. Examples include aquamarine, zircon, tanzanite and sapphire, all of which are routinely heated to change or improve their color. Other treatments include irradiation (blue topaz, golden beryl), fracture filling with oil (emerald), fracture filling with melted glass (ruby), impregnation (turquoise, opal), high temperature and pressure color alteration (diamond), surface diffusion (sapphire) and dying (agate).

Many gemstones have also been duplicated in the laboratory. These synthetic gemstones are beautiful and have properties almost identical to their natural counterparts, but lack the rarity that gives natural gemstones their intrinsic and historic value. Sophisticated laboratory tests are usually needed to distinguish between gems that are natural and untreated, versus gems that are synthetic or have been treated in some way. Many jewelers are unfamiliar with new and undisclosed gemstone treatments, and may lack awareness of the existence of many types of synthetics.  Jewelry buying has therefore become an information minefield for the consumer.

 The solution is to purchase gems that are guaranteed to be of natural origin and untreated in any way. This unique guarantee is made only by TRUGEMS, Inc., with its collection of gemstones marketed under the trademark  NATURAL SELECTIONTM . 

Gems in the line include:



All NATURALSELECTIONTM gemstones come with a certificate of origin. In most cases, these gems were cut by TRUGEMS, Inc. from raw material extracted from its own mines.

                  NATURALSELECTIONTM  ,an idea whose time has come, 

                          truly represents  The evolution of color”

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